Video interview with anonymous nationalist, where he explains the purpose and main provisions of nationalism as hygiene is a national basis.


Peter Pavlensky / 2013





One time we skinheads came to some fucking concert.

Some fucking dickheads were playing, the hell I know, don’t remember anymore.

Well, and as always, some 20 people came, conked those who deserved it, wrestled some cash for ourselves, all that shit.

 And then the skinheads send Dima Schultz and me,cause we’re the youngest of skins, fuck it,

 “Get some beer for everybody”, they said, gave us cash for it. So we went.

 We turn round the corner.

Holy shit, two motherfucking gooks come our way, some fucking Azerbaijani or

dumbass Chechens, the fuck you can tell.

 Anyway, some fucking non-Russian skibbies, you know.

 And not some shitty guys, but big ones, about 30 years old.

 Both in sheepskin coats, with fucking golden chains.

 And I say to myself: better pass round them, fuck them cunts. It’s already a fucking war.

 And one of them fucking pushes me on purpose, this black-haired shit, the stinker.

 So I think:

It’s fucked up, what to do now? 

We stand there, two 16-year-old dickheads, and those two are huge as shit.

He goes: “Hey, you’re fucking fascist?”

And then he goes, like, hey-hey, and fucking starts pushing me.

I thought: we’re fucked.

And then, holy shit, all the fucking rest of the gang comes round that corner.

 So they, like, came after us, they thought: where’s that fucking beer?

 The gang were like 15 more guys, fucking-A, I mean, anyway, that was it.

 The Old Alex, Paul, all the fucking guys and in the right age.

 And fucking Alex runs up and fists the gook in the belly, like, six or nine times, dunno.

 Then bam-bam, shit, and I see the motherfucker is down.

 I say to myself:

why should I just stand, fuck this shit.

 I run up and – bang – I fucking jump on his head a couple of times.

 And then the guys, bam-bam, kick him some more.

 The other gook runs the fuck away, then jumps in with a piece of ice, the stupid dick.

 Alex fucked him with his bag, with empty bottles in it, right on the head.

 The gook fell down too, and we kicked him a little, gave him a couple of punches, no joy.

I fucking got him one in the cheekbone all right.

 Yeah… then everybody just ran away, nobody’s shit was fucking there.

 Only a while after I meet a pal, and he says: ‘you fucked up shitheads, you fucking killed the one Alex hit’.

Turns out Alex didn’t punch, but stabbed him with a knife 9 times, in his fucking belly.

 So it turns out, when I was jumping on his fucking head, 

he was a dead fuck already,the motherfucking shit.

 I mean what the fuck, he came here to sell heroin or some other shit,

 and then he goes fucking smart on me, in my own country, dick.

 So it’s right, I think he deserved it and, like,

 I’ve beaten up stinkers and gonna beat stinkers, cause fucking hell,

 we’re normal Russian guys, and here

some dickface comes and tries to force his fucking rules on me.

 What am I to you, a fucking sheep?

 You can fuck your sheep back at home, and here we have it our way, you know.







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