My biological clock is ticking. It’s time to something sweet, sweet tik, sweet tak. Sweetpoo in my womb

Poo poo. In my womb. Babypoo

Will slip from my vagina into the trash

Won’t scream, won’t cry, won’t grow

Just boom bang!

Oh,  Dr. Ah It’s  so good! Push the pump deeper and deeper into my pussy. That will be no missing.

Catch the tiny little brain. Work quickly without hesitation. Suck it like there’s no tomorrow. If it’s necessary suck my pussy too

Oh yes like that. Tramples Narkissos’s field.  I am a tsunami of half fetus’s In the Knesset. I am the fairy that stops the period.

Oh that’s great! If you have to so suck my kidney too.

Allready out? A quintuplet?

Lucky you! Everyone breasted except you.


The train outside is not for you. Free from numbers long live – the life’s survivors! Push them back Doctor. Must feel again.

Yes like that, push and suck and again, push and suck and again. I a bird, I’m a star, I’m the nipple of the world, I’m Schindler

I am a walking saving factory.

I have a sympathetic and kindness uterus and a smiling vagina.

Last time a was a child, Today a quintuple.

My pussy takes out a receipt.

Hop Hop Tralala! Had an abortion!

And everyone says: You look fabulous, what have you done? What did you do? You look fabulous!

My pussy takes out a receipt.

Hop Hop Tralala! Had an abortion!

What a relief!

Abortion is good, abortion is fun, abortion is just wonderfull!

It’s like taking a big and good dump, it’s like freeing Jerusalem back.

Diapers are dancing, strollersare singing, she had anabortion today

Fetuses are singing out on the garbage, she had an abortion today.

Cypress kissing my ass hole as a sign of grateful, abortion for me abortion for him abortion for her.

On week day, on holiday, when I’m really sad…

Gets pregnant and have …

My pussy takes out a receipt.

Hop hop Tralala, had an abortion!

It could be the next IDF chief. Enough with drugs for depression  and axiety, psychiatrists prescribe to have an abortion.

God adds the 11 Commandment – do an abortion!

Abort you, abort you, abort the twins, abort the government!

My pussy takes out a receipt.

Hop hop Tralala, had an abortion.

And this is just beginning!

So get down off your high horse Schindler!

You’re  not the only one, I also have a list (and it’s longer than yours)

Ehud, Anastasia, Tzipi, Bibi, Avigdor, Miri, Eli, Dahlia Ruhama, Julia, Jacob, Sheri, Levi Yitzhak, Limor, Carmel, Zeev, Foad, Gila, Gideon, Gilad Ophir, Shelly, Dani, Rami, Moshe Yisrael, Noja, Shaul, Ruby, Sophie, Eitan, Faina, Nachman Yitzchak, Obadiah, Moshe Yair, Tzachi, Yigal, Shimon, Hagai, Itamar, Baruch, Noam, Carmi, Beni, David Shalom, Eleazar, Mosi, Yoram, Tesler, Zeava, Nir, Shlomo Doron, Nino, Yariv, Ghaleb, Zevulun, Uzi, Alealeks, Silvan, Masood, Joel, Avram, IDF, Hezbollah, Vladimir, George, Ayman Hassan, Barak, Bashar, Ismail, Sheldon, Khaled, George, Mahmoud, Condoleezza, Sarah Kim, Chong, Elizabeth Benedict, Smith, Charles, Angela, Edward, Mark, Tony, David, Arkady, Rick, David, Uiliyam, Guido, Mario Hung, Osman, Jean-Marc, Peter, Thomas, Hans-Peter, Annette, Danielle, Ursula, Omar Hassan Ahmed, Immanuel, Christina, Mahater, Timothy, Hillary, Leon, Jeffrey, Margaret, John, Stephen, Eric, Ben, Tom, Rebecca Hilda Rae, Steven Banks, Joe Ramsey, Clint, Donald, Rachel, Ariel, Ilu, Nitzan, Nissim …






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