How are you?

How are your bowel moments?

As long as comes out its all good, but when it doesn’t…

Oy yoyoy yoyoy

It’s me , Dear citizens, the Glyzerin Suppository

For years I have sacrificed my sense of smell for you

I also sacrificed my arms movement for your bowel comfort

I almost never breathes so ypu can finally breathe!

And I promise to continue to do the dirty work, if you vote for me

Let’s face it, without me there wasn’t all this shit here

Naftali Herz Imber? – “the hope”? (the Izraeli national anthem)

“As long as in the heart, within”?

Where does it come from?

“To be a F-Ree nation”, yeah? Free- from where?

From what the Jewish soul is yearning

Vhamomile tea, bottles of dried prune juice- but the sole is still yearning until I came and…

To be a free nation.

If it weren’t for my modesty – a quality of great people

I would say that the “Hope” is about me, the Bible – Me, including the book of Genesis

Agnon? All of his writings, all our writings in the Eurovision, all the Olympic medals, the liberation of Jerusalem, Rabins murder, also this speech, the speech writer was about to jump out of the window from despair, and then I came, deep, deep into her butt hole, as the phrase goes: from the depth I have called goddddd…

I deserve an award for my life work, a street named after me, why street? A city? A Legacy!

In the coming election vote


Glyserin suppository

Vote Glyserin suppository






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