I’m – Meira Lapidot.

As you all know, I – convinced supporter of the arrests and deportations of illegal immigrants, but I can’t,

clearly, I can’t tolerate racists, those who do not understand what is Jewish morality.

Remember, remember, remember, remember!

And we were once illegal aliens! Refugees!

So instead of all the time to think about how to illegals disturb us or call them racist words, think about

how they can help us.

For example, constipation.

Who in our days do not bother constipations?

Stress and nervousness that arise as a result of impossibility pay the mortgage or the rent for the

apartment, cause constipation. Add to all food supplements contained in fruits and vegetables, which so

have risen in price , and economy of water, because Israel dries up, dries up, my friends, it drieeees


And you get severe constipation, until hospitalization.

And instead of spending money on all sorts of purgatives substances all we have to do is imagine that

the toilet is (emits a muffled sound) and Sudanese (emits a thin scream) Eritrean statue!

You’d be surprised, but the only way for me and comes out!

Who does not turns out a (muffled sound) or Sudan (thin cry) Eritrean statue, which, incidentally,

happens rarely, you can always try (furious cry) Arabian!

After all, what works for one of us, is not necessarily suitable to another.

We are born different. But that’s the whole beauty!

Right? Right? (Puts on a hoop at the statue) Beauty!

Of course, you ask yourself, what I do when I feel that that’s not all, but does not go further? This is a

little more complicated, so I’ll show an example. (He stands in the position) I close my eyes and imagine

what he says – “If you continue to shit on me, then I’ll run back to the Sudan, and, apparently, they kill

me, do you want this?”

Then, as if by magic, I have goes on!

But I want more!

Then I know what he says – “Shame on you? You too were refugees! “

That’s right! Therefore, you should encourage me and be glad that I’m in your shit! Imagine then what

would have destroyed all of us, then I was not here to shiting in your mouth!

What would you prefer to destroy all of us, and I couldn’t shiting in your mouth, or that I was and shit?

A? Ahh ?!

Piece of anti-Semite! The anti-Semite! The anti-Semite!!! No one has died of poop!!! None! Imagine that

instead of gas camera would have been shit cameras!

Imagine for a moment!

I ask – when, when, in the name of God, you let the unfortunate and innocent Jews to live in their

country where they were born?!

When? When?! WHEN?!! WHEN?!! When, when?!! How long? Stop chasing us! How long?

I have a dream, in that dream you stop to haunt us.

Say thank you that I’m shit at you caviar and not some burger there!

These eggs I bought at your salary?!

No! No!

This caviar I bought for the salary of the children of my own people!

You kill and you’re bombing!

Squirt! A refugee! Illegal!!! Invader! Invader!!!

Invader, you’re captures, thrilling us! They capture us!

Oh! Oh! Not Bad! Not Bad!


I hope I helped.

And remember, always, always, we too were refugees!









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