Hello!!! Kid!!! Wthat are you doing?!

Non of your business!!

Peeng on graves is forbidden!


Because I’m Jewish?

No! God forbid, no!

So why?!

Peening on graves is forbidden to everyone

This is a Jewish cemetery!

And because I’m a Jew, “m allowed to!

And if you don’t let me pee on the graves, then you are a Nazi!

Want to be a Nazi?!

No, God forbid!

So let me pee!!!

No… no… But is a disrespectful for the dead Jewish people…

This is a Jewish cemetery, we are all Jews here!

They aren’t real Jews!

They weren’t in the Holocaust!!!

But… They  weren’t in the Holocaust and they deserve that we’ll pee on them!

They didn’t do anything wrong to you…

Anything wrong?!

Why didn’t they come(up) to Israel?

If they had come to Israel, the Holocaust would have never happened, because of THEM there was a Holocaust! Because of them! Because of you!! Because of you, because of you the Holocaust have happened!!!

Why aren’t YOU come up to Israel?! Why aren’t you doing Aliyah?! HA?!









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