Artist, journalist, initiator and one of the founders of the “bombily.” Member of the Trade Union of Street Art, the author and co-author of several books and numerous graphic short films. Stood at the origins plurality countercultural initiatives and projects. In 2008 year joined the National Bolshevik Party, and to this day continues to support its political program.


Anton Nikolaev  / 2015




Feminism is so dull. It is so dull that just fucked up, I remember how beautifully girls danced at the temple. But feminism is still dull, dull. So fucking dull , that even cute. I loved it so much that I shaved my armpits, although I didn’t need to.

I loved it so much I even shaved my dick, although dull, dull, dull. The subject of dick wasn’t disclosed and what should I do? Because feminism is dull, dull, dull. But hairy pussy, for example at the first look does not seem to be dull. Don’t penetrate ! And again it is dull, dull, dull.

May I give some twat, weakness and beauty ? By the way, truly, feminism is so dull. It is fucking dull. Dancing at the temple, it looks more funny, but it is not about feminism, this is  about “how to show naked ass to those who has never seen naked body. And feminism can be dull or fucking dull. It is just dull, when someone pretend to be smart, just translating texts from english books. And it is obviously that there will all come across by saying that I am fighting with program. Only in my opinion those who who defend  feminists theory – they hardly understand what they say

And even if they understand what they say – they  do not understand the reality to which it relates. It is very dull, when they take some bitches, whose life is fucked up and start to explain them, that the only reason why it is happening is man, and there is no one to blame exept them . It’s sad. Post a pussy or dick show?

That’s the main issue of feminism. But it is very misogynfull because when you’re compering dicks with pussys, they start talking about disrespecting women. There is a song “misogyny” – the first song of gender. It’s as crazy as all that gender theority. Misogyny is a bad relations toward women.


Misogyny, misogyny, misogyny, misogyny.

Control. A film about Joy Division – shit.

Rock and roll had died long ago.

Waste rock deathrock,

Dull, dead scoop.

Dull, dead as the misogyny.


The swollen corpse of an unknown woman was found at the pond on May’s

And the black, black, black coffin,

Carrying it through the streets by “Slovianka” march.

Mizoginiy, mizoginiy, mizoginiy.

Anyone who has had it, will remember it forever.

Anyone who has slept with her, remembers about bed paradise.

Well, those who fuck, his head lost lightly.

But I already fed up and want to say Goodbye.

Misogyny, Goodbye, misogyny, Goodbye, misogyny.

Control. A film about Joy Division – shit,

Rock and roll had died long ago.

Waste rock deathrock,

Dull, dead scoop.

Dull, dead as the misogyny.

Doo-doo-doo-durudu, doo-doo-doo – misogyny.



We do not need to see who is right – who is to blame, but look closer how communication mechanism works. Search the laws of communication, structure, open them, and we get a lot more of this substance than if we treat it as a fight where someone wins, someone loses. Social, live hierarchy it is very suggestive as any physical confrontation – and all the meanings escape if the man by himself eliminates the so-called penetrative sex, which is the main fear of  radical feminists-separatist. They need that there was a life, where  mens  can’t penetrate into the women. Area of feminine hygiene products. Radical feminism is more and more often looks like, not even the Stockholm syndrome, but just like benderas-taskmasters, which destroy Hatyn. But other feminists , which don’t want to compromise the movement, rolled it all over on the Nazis, who actually didn’t deal with Belarusians but just wanted to get faster and to capture Moscow. Radical feminists finds themselves in the role of Bandera, this is really a serious problem. They Nazi collaborators. They can only be accuse in collaboration, and needs to look closer to this mechanism in details of situation. Because allegations of fascism, is grist to the mill of collaboration.

I have nothing more to say, because feminism is dull.




 translated by Eugenia Hlubek






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