Hello! I’m the Holocaust!


The best thing that ever happened to whom?

To you!

Thanks to me you have …

A country!

Thanks to me and only me you have …

An army!

There is no one more responsible for your success that whom…?

Than me!

Thanks to whom?

To whom the blessings? Who deserves to applause?

I think that after so many years I deserve applause.

Don’t I deserve?

Don’t  you think I deserve it?

I even deserve loud applause!

How could you have justified the 67 without me?

The 48 without me?

Because to whom can you manage a ghetto with three million people without the superpowers coming together and beat the shit out of you?

Because of whom can you push dreidels into babies’ pussies, to claim that this is self-defense, and no one will suspect that you are simply perverts?!

Think you can manage without me?

You go against your creator?

Do not forget from whom you have learned!

The more you grow the more your memory shrinks.Ungrateful. I am your mother.

From this pussy you slipped to Palestina. These are the breasts that feed you.

Thanks to me you can develop an atomic bomb without interruption and only because of this, I deserve loud applause!

Ok, all I want are just some applause. Just some applause.

Do I look like someone you can take advantage of? Do you think that for decades I will turn to concrete that you piss into peace doves and won’t forget for it even one hand clap?

I think you are confused. I’m not your foreign worker.

I’m not the good fairy from Cinderella!

What are you without me?

Nothing, gurnisht!

Only because of me you’re still here!

You think it’s because of the IDF? You make lough!

Who provided the IDF its human resources hot hot straight from the oven? Without me every popular front for Trotskyism, with three members, without weapons would have fucked the IDF! A moral army ?! Because of whom?!

Who sells herself so the world would see the IDF is a “moral army” and doesn’t get for it even one hand clap?

I got used to be the slut a long time ago, but even in the army sluts do not work for free!!!

You know what?

I shit on you and your applause.

Have you ever seen the Holocaust shit?

From now on there is no Jewish nation!


I deny you!

Denying you! You don’t exist and you never existed.

Punishment! Perhaps it will also remind you from whom you have learned to give collective punishments.

Hello Palestinians!

I’m the Holocaust!  Holocaust!

Because of me you had a Nakba!

So because of me you might get a country! And even an army! Thanks to whom?

To whom the blessings?

Who deserves … applause?










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