Ah! Ahmad, Ahmadi, Ahmadinedjad

This country makes me … Oh, yes, just like that… it makes me … I… almost there…

Ah! Ahmad, Ahmadi, Ahmadinedjad

Can’t stop thinking of you and jerking off hard

Ahmadi my darling – each time I see solider fighting

Ahmadi Ach! When I remember the Lehi, the Palmach

Ahmadon Ahmadinejem – every time I hear the national athem

Netaniahu, Liberman, Peres, Barak

Ah… madini – harder, fuck!

I long for you, inside me to squirt and squirt- every time a settlement is a built

Every time foreign children are deported, I fantasize about Eli Yishai’s face- with your semen covered.

Laws and more laws, the Nakba law, anti boycotting law. I fantasize about you cumming right inside Dalia Itzik’s uterus.

Ahmad my precious! Ahmadinebug! My revolting little fundamentalist, the occupation makes me want you to cum in my mouth (and the picture of the State Visionarist, too).

So many things in this country that make me… Instinctively think of you

 (and I’m a-sexual, really)

The west bank barrier! Oh the barrier! Makes me want you more than ever… Are you there yet? Tell me you’re close!

Ahmadinedon Juan, Ahmadindon, how long can you go on with  your tongue?

Penetrate me like a note in the walling wall, like an eye gazing to Zion. If it’s impossible to separate the state from the religion … Oh state Ahmadinejad ah my state ahmdinajew

Ben-Gurion’s voice, declaring the state , it makes me

His voice makes me…

Oh, Ahmadi  my love, Ahmadinot, come on already and push

Push my G spot







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