Natalie Cohen Vaxberg is an Israeli artist and theater director. For the last four years she is fighting Zionism and a state of Israel irreconcilably. In 2012 she brought down on herself anger of patriots after she had pointed out a true meaning of Holocaust in establishment of the Israeli army and occupation of Palestine. Year after year Natalie is proving that she will never and under no circumstances support the genocide of the Arab population and escalation of the neo-Nazi military power of the Zionists. In 2014 she was arrested by the Israeli police and put under house arrest after defecating on the national flag of Israel. She lives and works in Tel Aviv. 



 Lena Pasynkova, Oksana Shalygina / 2014





Do you consider yourself an artist?


 - The Bank’s employees do not ask “Do you consider yourself a banker?”, The builder does not ask “Do you consider yourself a builder?” Only artists, in every interview they are asked, “Do you consider yourself an artist?” I do not only consider myself an artist. I did not do anything but art.


- In your videos you uncompromisingly denounce the Zionist ideology. Is there any difference between Zionism and National Socialism? If yes, then what exactly it is?



 - Almost nothing. Firstly, in the passports of note who is a Jew and who is not. Second, Jews from non-Jews is forbidden to marry. Restore anti-Semitic laws. Just before the two countries in the twentieth century, the question arose, “Who – a Jew?”, Nazi Germany and Israel. Both countries have come to the answer devoid of logic (in fact the definition of a word can not contain the word). Who is a Jew? Anyone who’s mother was Jewish. It’s like, “Who is the cat? It’s one who has parents are – the cats “. This is not a definition. The fact that spelled out who is Jewish, said about anti-Semitism. And it is mandatory, no one asked whether he defines himself, that violates the right to self-determination is a human right. In fact, Zionism says – “Neo-Nazis, you are right in everything. It is necessary to hate Mexicans, Arabs, blacks, homosexuals, etc. etc., but non-Jews. “Let the Jews have more rights than non-Jews. This is exactly the same as the other way around. It’s still anti-Semitic discrimination. The State of Israel is very racist, so it can not be the solution to the problem of anti-Jewish racism. Israel was founded as a solution to the Jews all over the world, but instead of solving it became a problem. Israel only prevents Jews in the rest of the world. Israel is creating ghettos, like Gaza. Concentration camps, in Hulot (large camp that serves refugees reservation). Stealing money from the victims of the Holocaust. Starved them once again. And he admits that this is his politics. So, in fact, Israel is simply helping the Nazis to complete its work. Holocaust survivors preferred to live in Europe, where the best social policy that takes care of old men. Also received reparations from Germany to “Israel” rather than survivors of the Holocaust, because not all of them live in Israel.




- Are there artists in Israel who are worthy of note in your opinion? If yes, then who? 

- Smadar Yaaron Amir Uriah, Hanoch Levin, Jasmin Wagner, David Avidan.

- You don’t shave your armpits but paint your lips red, there is a contradiction. Why do you do that?

 - Both of these things are trying to ban women – and red lipstick and hair. There is a protest against the accepted norms of how to look like – God forbid from the hair, God forbid, from the bright, flashy makeup. I also like it. I like not to shave and painted red lipstick. In all things red is a call to riot, a revolution, so I see no contradiction between the red lipstick and hair in the armpits.

- I know you were threatened with physical violence. Who was it? What would you like to tell them? 

- I don’t know who they are. I suppose that this a couch fighters, threatening violence, because it is so taught them in school. My videos – this is what I want to say to everyone, including those people. I don’t have a special message for them, and they are not as important.

- Officially, there is no freedom of speech and press in Russia. What about Israel?




- Freedom of expression is shrinking every day. All time passing laws containing bans on speech. Certain opinions are outside the law. For example, the general opinion against the draft. It is illegal to say: “I Think it’s right to cancel the universal appeal and that the army was a professional”. “This is the “incitement to evade.” Thus, rather than to maintain the pluralism of opinions, some views of the law prohibits. Thus, rather than to support the pluralism of opinions, some opinions the law forbids.

For example, illegally does not play in a theater in Ariel (settlement in the occupied territories). And what if the actor does not want to? He does not have the right not to want?

 -Do you have any taboo topics you will never touch on in your works?

- No.

- How do you earn a living?

- I can’t tell.

- What does the word patriotism mean to you?

- This word is so far away from me. Anyone who has devoted one of humanity more than the others – a racist. All people are equally important. It doesn’t matter where his parents lived nine months after fuck. What is the point to say that you love a random group of people? It includes and assholes, and rapists, and parents who mocked of they children. You love Swedish abusive parents just because you Swede, or do you like all good parents, even if they are not Swedes. By and large, the human race – the biggest natural disaster. What is a flag? Usually three colors. So the same way that they are even confused.

- What do you think about the role of art in politics and the society?

 - It is very important. How can I convey my idea without using art? Make a website? Write your opinion in the newspaper? Something to remember – some of the Communists, who wrote about politics in the newspaper, or Bertolt Brecht?




Do you belong to any political party or subculture? If not, then why? 

- You can’t imagine how few the Left in Israel. There is not a single party representing the radical left movement. There are small protest movements not associated with any party and not enough to unite and enter parliament. Center-left parties support the separation fence, support a common call, and most importantly, support Israeli racism. It makes no sense to join the party. As for becoming a member of the organization – I work alone, I do my scenes. If people like their organizations supporting the same goals – great, everyone does their job.

As anarchist from birth, I can’t belong to any organization.








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