Hello kids!

Today we”re going to learn what are woman who don”t shave.

Сhicken: Can I participate?

Of course chicky!

Сhicken: Woman who don’t shave are Neglected Bitter Dsqusting Stinky Anarchists  Primitive

What? A… Autistic


Сhicken:  Mm…mm..stic

Mother Fuckers! They are taking advantage of the democracy, they are risking demographics

Woman who don’t shave their…

Сhicken: Pussy

Shhhh Chicky! Pussy isn’t a nice word


Woman who don’t shave their Vagina … What are they hiding?

They must have Sudanese instead … Clitoris

Deep in the hole hiding pot and non-conventional weapons in a thampon shape

Purport to be Shamson

Forcing us to be Delilah

Slops gas

Piss trains

Woman who don’t shave bring  bad luck

They piss from their ass

And crap from their vagina

Their poo and pee come out with hairs  and it may cause blockages in the sewage

Woman who don’t shave with what are they wiping?

With the Israeli flag? With the” Israel today” newspaper?

With a Bible?

With confidential documents of the IDF?

How do they take a shower?

Making sure the shampoo isn’t tested on animals, but soaping their body with a German soap, scrub with the red sponge their hairy polluted armpit. That looks like…

Сhicken: Ethiopians cemetery.

Shhhh Chicky, it’s not nice to talk that way, it’s not nice to be racist, it’s not nice because they don’t get any Mastubating for hours with a strong stream of water while singing the International

And this … is  dangerous foe the sea of Galilee

Woman who don’t shave were in a previous incarnation, arabs or rats. They do more accidents, delay the coming of the messiah, poison the ozone layer, want to pay hairs instead of taxes. To produce Barbies with … hairry vagina…and armpits don’t stand during the memorial  siren. And hates Yair Lapid?!

Woman who don’t shave their vagina, in the future won’t shave their  armpits, and they’ll give birth Siamese Twins that are connected  in the Clitoris with a ginger hair!

Woman who don’t shave not the legs, not the armpit, and not the vagina

(The Cursed triple)

Sooner or later thay will have AIDS

Woman who don’t shave in overall are miserable, their father and grandfather raped them from age four at the fifteen. On Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Father on Thursdays, Grandpa on saturdays and on Sundays both  together!

(Chicken  touching breast)

A pervert Chicky, you pervert, perver, little pervert,

It’s because of  too much work he sometimes gets pervert… Cute little pervert

Woman who don’t shave should shave or die!

They should be hung up from on their clitoris, spit three times when they ‘re passing to inject them pig’s excrement mixed with rat’s blood and cement, deep, deep into the hole to drown  them I a mountain of wax, vax-berg, to shave their tongue and throw them into the ocean when they’re having their period.

Why when they’re having their period, Chicky?

Сhicken: Sharks come faster when there’s blood!

Very nice my genius Chicky, very nice genius

We need to produce from their hairs:blankets, brooms, coats for dogs, mustashes for men and wigs for peoples with cancer

Сhicken: And dollies for children!

We should developed beeping instruments that can identifying unshaven women, to install hidden cameras public and private restrooms, and to scatter to undercover spy-lover all over  the country

Biz…Biz…Biz…Soldiers are equipped with electric shavers!

Biz…Biz…Biz… Shaved Pussy women sing in a choir!

We are carry shaving kitts!

Let the IFD to shave, because you girls know… and the boys too! That if everybody won’t shave, we wont have a country.

That’s it for today kids! And until next time, remember…

Сhicken: Keep your country clean!

Goodbye kids! Goodbye charming adorable kids! Goodbye! Be nice to mammy and daddy! Goodbye!







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