Day by day state institutions and accomplices of authorities set monolithic dictate and steadfast order. Depression and fatigue result in humility and obedience of the public. Tired of fighting for their ideals men go to war to kill in the struggle for interests of states and other political phantoms. Tired enough of defending themselves women go through the Victim Factory. The Factory is a precisely built system of normalization and training. Equipment for processing human material effectively forces a woman to submit to the regime. In order to get on the conveyor belt woman has only to recognize herself a victim. They need a victim to justify a whole legion of social workers parasitizing on her existence. She will provide the work for many psychologists, psychotherapists, policemen, lawyers and judges. However, a justification is not enough and they start teaching their stupid victim to pay on her own the salaries of all those who claim her self-devouring dejection. But what should the victim do when her female world full of fragile emotions is surrounded by the daily threat of a cruel man world? Our answer is simple – learn how to fight. And how to unite. Fight with fists, words, teeth and feet. Join unions of women to have a relationship with a man. It’s time to refute the binary patriarchal order. In a world where a man could be dangerous for one woman, he becomes the reason of friendship and love for two of them. A woman should be implacable to anyone who might benefit from her failure. To anyone who undertakes to arrange her life with a pitiful smile. This is a personal struggle of a woman with an army of bloodthirsty parasites who fattened on affirmation of her weakness. She should take the path of uncompromising struggle against the Victim Factory.


translated by Aleksandra Nabokina







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