© Petr Pavlensky
© Petr Pavlensky


In short, this black Volga drives up, with this perverted fat fuck.

And fuck, he asks me, how much? The fuck.

I say “Eight hundred, twelve hundred, the fuck!“

Right, he says, get in. Got a place?

I say, sure!

He says, you know some guys that have been in jail?

I say I know a shitload of guys like that.

He says, I want them to fuck me in the ass!

In the ass? Says I.

Alright, let‘s get going, we´ll get you fucked in the ass.

We drove to Tankist Khrustinsky Street…

We got inside the flat.

I tied him up, fucking asshole,

Taped his fucking mouth

Taped his fucking legs, fucking faggot!

I fucked him in the ass all night.

Just me, I did it!

Until four boys came in.

And when those four boys came in, they couldn‘t fucking believe their eyes,

at the fucking sight of it.

Well, they also gave him a little…

…reason to shit himself, the fuck.

He fucking shat himself on my fucking floor!

No fucking kidding.

He licked that mess up with his own fucking tongue.

He fucking crawled after me on all fours,

The stinking piece of shit.

Then we let him walk, like the stinking poof he is.

Just kicked him in the ass, the motherfucker,

He went flying down the stairs.

Flew like a butterfly, the fucker.

That’s the point , fuck. That’s all.








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